Dollar movies are back







Just in case you’ve been wondering, we have been in Social Siberia thanks to a stomach bug merry-go-round at our house. So my posts have been a bit slow, I apologize. I’ve wanted to blog about all of our favorite summer activities, but couldn’t seem to find a spare moment to get to my computer to do so. I’m going to attempt to catch up this week. So here goes…

Unsure if your kids are ready to sit still in a movie theater or do you just want to get out of the house and watching something new? Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. for nine weeks Regal Cinemas is screening select G or PG rated movies at their West Town Mall, Knoxville Center Mall and Turkey Creek Pinnacle Cinemas.
Regal Cinemas started charging a dollar per movie-goer for their summer movie festival. Proceeds from the Summer Movie Express are donated to the Will Rogers Institute.

Here’s the line up. Does anyone have any recommendations or favorites? We love Hugo and Smurfs and can’t wait to see Arthur Christmas and Chimpanzee.

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