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Despite my best intentions it can be hard to go for a walk and get some exercise or just simply get out of the house with one or two little guys in tow. I desperately needed some motivation, and one night online I found it. Mommies of Knoxville is a “meetup” group and they have some highly motivated mamas as members. Just the push I needed. 

I registered for the group (you need to register, which is great for personal security) and within minutes I was welcomed to the group by Allie and April, the group organizer and assistant organizer.









And their calendar is packed full of fun things to do together. There’s always a mommy free to meet up for a walk, a park play date, a ‘field trip’ or even a craft session. Recently, they have taken trips to the Zoo, The Cove, The Children’s Museum and have outings planned for Market Square and the Fruit and Berry Patch. There’s always something that will fit into our crazy schedule. And the more the merrier, they’re looking for more members!

So I asked Allie if I could share their group information here, as I know there are always mommies in Knoxville looking for a support group. Here’s a little summary about the group and a link to find out more:

Are you in your 20’s or 30’s and looking to join a active mommy group to make friends for you and your little ones? Mommies of Knoxville are looking for new members. We do moms nights out, arts and crafts, playing at the park, the Zoo, story time and so much more! Check us out online,

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